What We Do

Fresh Eye are pleased to offer the following services...

  • Proofreading. Checking for spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and grammatical flaws. The structure and flow of your text is not considered.

  • Copy Editing. Includes basic proofreading but also adds suggestions as to how your prose could flow better by pointing out redundant words and sentences, identifying overused phrases and highlighting ambiguous wording.

  • Content Editing. Includes both proofreading and copy editing, but also suggestions as to the content of your work. If its argument is persuasive, for example. Or if any of your points are insufficiently supported.

  • Content Creation. Fresh Eye are also available to write for your website, help you craft a job application, turn your notes into finished text or any other task that might require an experienced wordsmith.

  • Mistake the unique ways in which your characters talk for grammatical errors and drown them in unnecessary red ink.
  • Insist that all abbreviations in your business documents have full stops between each letter.
  • Fight a rearguard action against human creativity by editing your work as though language reached its zenith in 1877 and it's all been downhill ever since.
  • Judge you for mistakes each and every one of us has made more times than we could possibly count.

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