How We Work

At Fresh Eye we pride ourselves on our flexibility. Here are just some of the ways we can work with you...

  • On Paper. We are happy to work with hard copy sent to us via post or courier and will return such documents fully marked up and, if applicable, with a printed sheet of editorial comments relevant to the document as a whole.

  • Via Email. We also accept documents as either raw text or as Microsoft Word or PDF files. They can be returned in the format in which they were received, or in any other format you require.

  • In the Cloud. We can also work collaboratively online via services such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365.

  • Directly with Developers. For website and application developers, you can issue us with a temporary account allowing us to edit text directly inside your code repository or backend development environment.

  • All proofreading and basic copy editing work is charged at a fixed hourly rate of $30. More complex work is charged at $50 per hour.
  • For students, these rates are discounted to $25 and $45 respectively.
  • If you require an extremely fast turnaround time, there may be an additional charge for this. Similarly, a discount for non-urgent work may also be possible.
  • For those who require certainty, we are happy to provide advance quotes.

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