About Us

Fresh Eye are a small group of very particular people. The sort of people who can't help going into coffee shops to point out spelling mistakes in their chalkboards. The kind of people who have very definite opinions on the Oxford Comma. The kind of people who have a favourite font.1 Can we be kind of annoying sometimes? Yes. Yes we can. But we're just the kind of people you want on your side when you need help crafting proposals and pitches, writing copy for a website, or proofreading your thesis. We care about details and we notice EVERYTHING. And, more to the point, we enjoy it.

Based in beautiful Wellington, Fresh Eye was founded by Robert Hurley, a recent PhD graduate who decided to turn his side hustle of helping friends and family with their writing into a full-time business. We offer our services New Zealand-wide (via either courier or internet). Overseas clients are also welcome (we promise not to start any fights about US versus UK spelling).

1. Palatino. Although Garamond's also nice.